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Jet<font color='red'>bus</font>
Your goal is to transport people to their destinations. Your mission is to meet the peoples transportation needs using your Jet bus ,a fast, high maneuverable, light vehicle, capable of flying between platforms, transporting peop
Prison <font color='red'>bus</font>tout
Try to bus t out of prison! You will have to be stealthy to outsmart the guards! Dont try to hide underneath the spotlights though as they will still be able to see you! Are you a professional or a rookie?
Monster <font color='red'>bus</font>iness
Move back and forth as you stick and inflate the attacking monsters. Dont let them touch you!
International Speed <font color='red'>bus</font>
Race your police car down the different freeways as you catch up to, and crash your target.

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Racing Games
<font color='red'>bus</font>y Bakery
Serve different kind of donuts together with milk and coffee to your beloved customers.

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RPG Games
T-Wrecks Gut <font color='red'>bus</font>ter
Eat cars as much as you can before the time runs outGame controls: Use mouse to aim and left click to eat
Bubble <font color='red'>bus</font>ter Game
Fun, Simple and casual game based on popular classic Pang. Great fun and a good mixture of strategy and actionGame controls:A, D / Left, Right Arrow Keys - Move.Spacebar - Shoot.
Ballie <font color='red'>bus</font>ter
Swipe your mouse across Ballies of the same color in any direction and build multiple chains of high scoring explosive fun! You can match Ballies in any direction. Dont forget to include the bomb and clock bonus when theyre avail

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Match 3 Games
School <font color='red'>bus</font> Parking
Do you want to become a school bus driver? Here is your chance to test your skill.Game controls:Arrow key to move.
Hidden Objects - Luxury
Practice your observing skills and find all objects given on your screen.
Aliens <font color='red'>bus</font>ted
Help the agent Scully to capture all the aliens. Run at full speed by the highway with your vehicle and destroy their cars.

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Driving Games
<font color='red'>bus</font> Stop Flirt
Make the Boy to Flirt with the other girls who are in the bus Stop without getting noticed by his girl friend, fill the loader within the time limit.

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Fun Games
<font color='red'>bus</font>y Sushi Bar
Serve the right sushi in the right plate.

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Food Games
London <font color='red'>bus</font> 2
Get ready to own the streets of London again!Game controls:Use your arrow keys to drive the bus .

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Driving Games
<font color='red'>bus</font> Hostage By Policema
bus Hostage by Policeman Based on todays news, shoot the policeman who lost his job and took hostages!Game controls:Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Bug<font color='red'>bus</font>ter
Match as many bugs as possible in this addictive puzzle game.You have one minute to clear as many bugs from the board as possible. Match groups of three or more, or slash through diagonal lines of bugs. Bigger groups create power

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Match 3 Games
Color Am<font color='red'>bus</font>h
A fun game, match the coloured blocks. Stop the blocks from reaching the top. Matching 3 or more blocks and you can blast them away! The higher level you get, the faster the blocks will come!Game controls:This game is played with
Tire <font color='red'>bus</font>ter
bus t colored tires, complete the 14 unique achievements and become the ultimate Tire bus ter! Enjoy!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

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Match 3 Games
<font color='red'>bus</font>ker Panic
Play the guitar and avoid falling objects.
Ammo Am<font color='red'>bus</font>h 2
Infiltrate enemy base using your sniper riffle!

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Gun Games
Unfabolous Burger <font color='red'>bus</font>tl
Addie is in a tough Jam! Not only did Mary Ferry find a way to take Jake away from her for the school dance, but now she has to work at the Yum Burger in order to collect enough money to outbid her! Your goal is to greet and seat
<font color='red'>bus</font>tling Hedgehog
This bus tling hedgehog provides with fruit and mushrooms. Help him to carry the food to the holes (light blue cells). The level is complete when all objects are at the blue cells. There are 20 levels and time limits. Publish the
School <font color='red'>bus</font> License
Deliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashing into anything! Do well, and youll be a full-blown bus driver!Game controls:Use Arrow keys to drive.Space bar to use hand brake.

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Driving Games
Bedrock <font color='red'>bus</font>t-a-Boulder
Board boxes the same color to eliminate them. You have 10 moves. Stand on top of each triangle to move in that direction.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.
School <font color='red'>bus</font> Driver
Reach the target without hitting any obstacles on the way and keep proceeding to the next levels.Game controls:Use arrow keys to drive.

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Driving Games
Farm <font color='red'>bus</font>iness
Do you have what it takes to make 1 million dollars in 2 years growing oranges? Take care of your trees, buy factories and make money!!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

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RPG Games
<font color='red'>bus</font>y Bee Restaurant
Mr. Bees restaurant is open! As the chef, your task is to matck the food and drink ingredients with the ones on the conveyer belt as fast as possible and make sure the food and drinks could be served on time.Game controls:This ga
Ghost<font color='red'>bus</font>ters
They are Here To Save The World.Lets see what they have to say Ghost bus ters, drive on a atv . Will you complete all 10 levels?Game controls:Use Arrow Keys to drive.

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Driving Games
LAX Shuttle <font color='red'>bus</font>
Be the best shuttle driver in LAX!Game controls:Arrow Keys - Drive.Spacebar - Brake.

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Driving Games
Stop the <font color='red'>bus</font>
Try to get to 21 of the same suit.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

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Puzzle Games

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