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<font color='red'>dora</font> Vflower
dora is helping miss Valen at Vflower florist . valentines day is near , so she has alot of fowers need to be arranged . come on help dora to arranging flowers !Game controls:Mouse key to pick up and drag vase,flower,and ribbon.

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Girls Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Snowboard
dora s new adventure with her snowboard. dora must collect all red diamond to complete her adventure this time.Game controls:Use arrow keys to move.Space bar to jump.
<font color='red'>dora</font>s Do-Together Food
Prepare picnic by choosing one item from each food group.

Click: 91

Food Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Uphill Ride
dora enjoys sports and love to ride on hill. Help her find new ways to reach places. Collect dora s purple Backpack to score more points. You have three chances to finish the level. Gooo !Game controls:Arrow keys.

Click: 210

Bike Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> The Explorer - Rou
Fix all pieces of dora s picture in exact position.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 104

Puzzle Games
Treasure Hunt - <font color='red'>dora</font>
Find the hidden treasures within the time limit.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.
<font color='red'>dora</font>s Mini Golf
Do you like mini-golf? With this game you can have fun putting with dora the Explorer!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 40

Golf Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Colours Memory
Remember the colour sequence and then copy it by clicking on the dora characters below. If you make a mistake youll have to start all over again!Game controls:This game is played by mouse only.

Click: 51

Match 3 Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Strawberry World
dora s adventure in the strawberry world!help dora to collects all strawberry and find the hidden golden strawberry in every world!excelente!Game controls:Use arrow keys to move.Use Mouse to action.Space bar to enter world.
<font color='red'>dora</font>emon Super Ride
Select your favorite bike to take ride with dora emon.Balance your wheels and control your bike with exciting levels to finish. Collect points to score. Enjoy Ride!Game controls:Use arrow keys.

Click: 43

Bike Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Puzzle Fun
Arrange the puzzle fragments in different levels and see the perfect picture of dora and their friends in different locations.Game controls:This game is played by mouse only.

Click: 162

Puzzle Games
Serve toThe <font color='red'>dora</font>
dora All ages will like very much. Now dora is very Hungry so it need different food. dora is moving left side to right side and right side to left side on the moving it will ask you which it need. Please give soon and Make dora

Click: 70

Food Games
Puzzle Fun <font color='red'>dora</font> with Bo
Enjoy this puzzle fun game with dora and boots.Game controls:This game is played by mouse only.

Click: 362

Puzzle Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> The Explorer Mix-U
Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 15

Puzzle Games
<font color='red'>dora</font>emon and the Bad Do
dora emon was kidnapped by artificial dogs from 21 century!lets help Nobita to save dora meon from them!Game controls:Use arrow keys to move.Up arrow key to fly.

Click: 110

Flying Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Labyrinth
Help dora in this fun puzzle game.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 60

Puzzle Games
<font color='red'>dora</font>s Bike Ride
dora The Explorer is once again on another adventure, collecting balloons on he bicycle, look out for hidden ones that may be behind you.Game controls:Arrow Keys - Drive.Spacebar - Brake.

Click: 67

Bike Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Find Boots
dora is playing hide and seek with Boots the monkey, can you find him?Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 67

Fun Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Fairytale Fiesta
dora has been invited to a party at the kings castle and for this party she has dressed herself as a princess. She looks so cute and shes excited to go to the party but just when she got closer the mean witch appeared and made a
<font color='red'>dora</font> Train Express Game
dora must take Swiper to the next station. be careful dont wreck the train and lost the cargo! Excelente!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 156

Driving Games
Pan<font color='red'>dora</font>s Seed
Pan dora s Box aint got nothin on Pan dora s Seed! Hack and slash your way through this epic tale!Game controls:Arrow keys - Move. D - Attack. Space bar - Menu. E - Close Text Box.
<font color='red'>dora</font> Sekerland
Help dora to shoot all flying creatures.Game controls:Up / Down Arrow Keys - Move. Spacebar - Shoot.
<font color='red'>dora</font>emon Mystery
Something happened to dora emon.. and Nobita was locked in my his room.. this time help dora emon back! Find his friends and fix dora emon!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.
<font color='red'>dora</font> Find Map
dora is finding the map which is hidden in the forest, if you see the map , click on it. After you find it, it will do a little dance and sing a song. dora Find Map Games is a very fun game!Game controls:This game is played with
<font color='red'>dora</font> Fairy Cart Wheels
Explore the fairy world of dora in her fairy cart wheels. collect flowers to score high points. Rush will make you fall, so be cautious on your way. You have only 3 chance to survive. Enjoy !Game controls:Use arrow keys to drive,

Click: 27

Driving Games
Launch <font color='red'>dora</font>emon
Using your cannon, lunch dora emon for as far as possible to gain more points.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.
Sort My Tiles <font color='red'>dora</font> The
Sort out dora from an explorer to a pirate.Game controls:Use mouse to interact.

Click: 23

Puzzle Games
Puzzle Mania <font color='red'>dora</font> and D
Fix the puzzle piece and see the friendship.Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 131

Puzzle Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Mega Memory
Match as many tiles as you can before time runs out!Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 62

Puzzle Games
<font color='red'>dora</font> Shadows
dora and her friends have lost their shadows can you help them find them?Game controls:This game is played with mouse only.

Click: 32

Fun Games

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