Commando Days Adventures 2

January 06, 2022
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Description: The game for the web with the name "Commando Days Adventure " has been re-released with "Commando Days Adventure 2", In this game with the mission of traveling to the home of the warrior but on the way back home many obstacles, such as having to cross a soldier facing and a plane that must be passed or faced withexisting weaponry with one weapon and when it gets home, the mission is complete.This game is with command characters who can jump, jump and shoot and have to get coins foradd a lot of scores with a lot of scores and a fast time that's the real winner.In this game with good music sound and this game has been tested in a local or browserlocal server, with adventure categories with two-dimensional cartoons andin good terms is to keep yourself from traveling to get home.
Esc = Pause/Resume
Enter = Start
Space Bar = Jump
Ctrl = Shoot